‘Kew Bridge in Winter Fog’
‘Kew Bridge in Winter Fog – positive Cyanotype’

‘Kew Bridge in Winter Fog’. By M. Richardson. Original image. Made using an iphone 6, cropped and sent via an HDMI cable to a home digital projector. Resulting Blythtype positive Cyanotype below.

‘Portrait of an old man’
‘Portrait of an old man – positive Cyanotype’

‘Portrait of an old man’. Original image made using an Iphone 6, cropped and sent via an HDMI cable to a home digital projector. Image, M. Richardson. Resulting Blythtype positive Cyanotype below.

Fig 3 – Positive Cyanotype

(Fig 3.) A 1966 Kodachrome transparency of the iconic Hillman Minx is blown up to an A3 size Blythtype using an old analogue projector and 4 minute exposure time. Image J. Blyth.

Fig 4 – Positive Cyanotype

(Fig 4.) The image of the little girl was made on an iPhone, then emailed to a laptop computer where it was cropped and sent via an HDMI cable to a home digital projector. The exposure times in minutes for this Blythtype were 3, 7, 17, for A5, A4, A3, sizes respectively. Image J. Blyth.

Fig 5 a
Fig 5 b – Positive Cyanotype

(Fig 5 a and b.) If the photosensitivity had been restricted to the violet end of the spectrum like traditional cyanotypes and blueprints are, then the little boy’s red outfit would have been about as dark as the little girl’s leggings. But here the thionine dye has created photosensitivity to red light. However while the grey scale is good enough to clearly see the ice-cream blob on the boy’s nose, it is not quite good enough to see the ice-cream on the girl’s cone which she is holding against a white background. Image J. Blyth

Fig 6 – Positive Cyanotype

(Fig 6.) Taken from an Agfachrome 32mm x 42mm transparency and showing the cleared site on the North side of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London in 1967. Image, J.Blyth

Fig 7 – Positive Cyanotype

(Fig 7.) Blue sunset. Image, M.Richardson

Fig 8 – Positive Cyanotype

(Fig 8.) Wingfield Castle. Image, M.Richardson

Blyth, J. & Richardson, M. De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

Non-holographic imaging systems